Great Parents Are Great Leaders

Parenting is the oldest form of leadership.

  1. Establish a framework, based on values.
  2. Coach and guide. Be there for your kids when then need you. Stand back when the don’t. Let them to learn from little mistakes. Be there to guide and support them for the big ones.
  3. Create opportunities – remove obstacles. The vast majority of parents want for their children a better life than they had.
  4. Let them drive. The first time you give your car keys to your son or daughter and let them drive alone. smile and say “Drive carefully, my love!”.
  5. Sacrifice while helping them to be accountable for their decisions and lives.
  6. Integrity is the most important trait of a leader, either president or parent.

Great parents nudge you in the right direction. After that, the paths you choose define your character as an adult.