Poetry By Harry

Your Soft Lip Kiss

soft lips

Your soft lip kiss

Your crimson caress

Add your soft tender touch

To the tease

Squeeze your soft soft cheek   

To mine

Scented splendor

Soooo sublime.

Your soft lip kiss

You’re sugar sweet

Add your soft magic fingers

To the treat

Tangle your trembling arms

In mine

Oooh the taboo

So divine.

Your soft lip kiss

Your sizzling steam

Add your soft hot flame 

To our dream

Melt your soft lovely heart 

To mine

Soft lip kisses

For all time.

Smile at the Clouds


When you’re sad and lonely

You can sing this song

When your heart is gloomy

Smile at clouds, all day long.

Paint your life with pleasures

Dazzle moments, with delight

Treasure your tune

Make your days bright

Smile at clouds

Make things right.

When you’re grumpy or gloomy

Trade this in for a glow

Free the sunshine in you

Smile at clouds, life overflows.

Soar your soul, fly higher

Cheer is your gift to choose

You’ve been blessed,

Celebrate your time

Smile at clouds

Wake your shine.

Treasure every moment

Happiness is your art

Your dance sets you in motion

Smile at clouds, lift your heart.

Find someone to share joy with

Love is friendship, on fire.

Love your life

Dance every day

Smile at clouds

Live life your way.

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