Susan Rice Security Unmasking -Media Manipulation

The “Crooked Media” has once again NOT followed their own 9 Principles of Journalism you can reference in the following URL.

Broken Principle # 4. Its Practitioners Must Maintain an Independence from Those They Cover

While editorialists and commentators are not neutral, the source of their credibility is still their accuracy, intellectual fairness and ability to inform, not their devotion to a certain group or outcome.

CNN has gone so far as to denigrate the Rice story. Anchor Don Lemon told viewers “we will not insult your intelligence” by suggesting the Trump team was spied on illegally “. Shouldn’t he want to know all the facts? Shouldn’t CNN, on behalf of the American public, want answers to the following questions? 

1.      Did Susan Rice seek the identities of Trump folks solely for intelligence reasons, or did she have political motivations?

2.      Who did she share the information with?

3.      Did she leak any of the findings, or cause them to be leaked?

Principle # 8. It Must Keep the News Comprehensive and Proportional (Balanced)

Keeping news in proportion and not leaving important things out are also cornerstones of truthfulness.

The allegations were minimized yesterday by the Washington Post and New York Times which appears like they are covering for Rice. ABC and NBC didn’t cover the Rice story on Monday’s evening newscasts.

Yet, these same news outlets have run many stories, involving anonymous sources, about alleged collusion between Trump associates and Russia. They are very enthusiastic about that story.

The media is supposed to keep us informed with facts not opinions and be fair and balanced not slanted and manipulative. They need to follow their own 9 journalistic standards. Otherwise they deserve being labelled as “the crooked media”.







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