SNL Repeatedly Ridicules Trump Administration

1.Fat and fashion shaming uses ridicule.  

2.You have an hourglass shape, but time is running out.

3.You are so bald that ostriches chase you for miles to hatch your head.

As a kid or adult, you may have experienced ridicule. And much to the delight of your tormentors, the audience reacts by forgetting to apply critical thinking. This is the critical thinking fallacy called Appeal to Ridicule (see ).

What has fat, fashion or baldness got to do with you being a good human being or having worthwhile ideas?

SNL’s regularly-scheduled humour focuses on Trump and his administration. The audience laughs, enjoys a sense of superiority and are distracted from clear thinking.

Remember those mean-spirited infantile schoolyard verbal bullies who taunted and ridiculed. Don’t be manipulated by ridicule at your expense or at the expense of others. 

You deserve more respect as a clear-thinking critical thinker! 

(For my book publisher, I should say that this article referenced words from my book “The Extraordinary Power of Project Relationships”.)


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