Smile at Clouds

I just uploaded the song, Smile at Clouds, written and performed by yours truly. It’s a song about finding the positives in life.


Smile at the clouds in your life. Make the moments in your life, happy moments 🙂

I don’t just sing this. I don’t just talk the talk. I walk this walk. 

Separate your doom-and-gloom perceptions from reality. In other words, dismiss unsubstantiated negative self-talk often derived from anxiety and doubt. See the glass as half-full. Have a positive attitude. Concentrate on the solution not on imagined negative consequences.” … from my book The Extraordinary Power of Project Relationships.

Be a ripple in the pond. Make our world a better place!!!

Do the right thing! Pay it forward. Together, let’s make a positive difference.

“To give back and be given is to feel the sun from both sides” … Harry Mingail

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