Decisions: It’s Criminal the Way Juries May Convict You

Decisions: It’s Criminal the Way Juries May Convict You

Put yourself in the shoes of the defendant in a major trial by jury criminal trial. You are fighting to stay out of jail or even worse consequences.

Hey I am not suggesting you did something. I just want you to really “feel this concept” of decision-making. 🙂

So here’s the thing. The bigger the crime, the more time, sometimes many weeks, defence and prosecutor lawyers spend on choosing “their jury”.


The prosecutor wants a jury like a wheel with twelve spokes connected by a common rim. The defender desires a jury of spokes unconnected by a common rim. The first is a wheel that will roll into a unanimous verdict for the prosecution. The second is not a wheel. It’s just a collection of spokes. It won’t move … which favours the defence.


Psychological research shows that humans have bias “filters” which affect our ability to perceive the  facts. Our reality is made up of our thoughts, assumed beliefs, our own self-awareness and introspection.

So the jury may unjustly convict you (30 years of hard time in jail) because they are distorting their view of the facts due to their (picked especially by the trial lawyers) personality profiles, culture, academic backgrounds, religion, occupation, family situation, recent life experience, race, age, ….

To avoid distorting the facts, understand your filters. When we fail to perceive our own biases, it warps our perceptions, judgments and decisions.

When you make decisions in life be veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy careful. You don’t see things as they are. You see them as you are.

Be a ripple in the pond. Make our world a better place!!!

Do the right thing! Pay it forward. Together, let’s make a positive difference.

“To give back and be given is to feel the sun from both sides” … Harry Mingail


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