Do You “Take Things Personally”?

Yes!!! Always.

Strictly speaking everyone does because we view things from our personal perspectives. Our perspective are coloured our filters such as our academic backgrounds, level of emotionality, personalities and belief systems to name a few.

The problem occurs if your filters distort the reality and facts. If I distorted reality, I might imagine that I am a potential 6 foot, 9 inch NBA superstar basketball player. If we twist the facts, we make bad judgements for example about which stock to purchase, whether we can really meet our project commitments or whether to be offended by a remark. Not good!

So here’s what works for me. Try this yourself. Anything I can do, you can … maybe even better. 🙂

1. Know your personality type.

I have taken psychological profile tests such a DISC and Myers-Briggs. They tell me I am predisposed to being logical. Figures since I have a degree in Mathematics from University of Waterloo. Basic logic and critical thinking is easy to learn.

 2. Know how to make decisions and judgements.

I write about and teach these best practices. So I am more likely to walk that talk. Decision-making practices are there for you to easily read about and apply.

3. Use facts not opinions to make your decisions.

Six Sigma, for which I have received training, is all about fact-based decision-making. So again it is my predisposition and practice, which can also easily be yours.

4. I like people … a lot!!!

As my web motto says., I want to give back and help others. If you have that outlook, you will be inclined to look at things from the perspective of others and thus, not make harsh  or self-serving judgements. Instead your judgements will be more balanced and considerate.

Follow these 4 simple rules. Next time someone tells you that “you are taking things personally”, say “yes, but I am seeing things clearly and rationally”. That’s me and that can very easily be you.

If the doors (filters) of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

 … William Blake

Do the right thing! Pay it forward. Together, let’s make a positive difference.

 “To give back and be given is to feel the sun from both sides” … Harry Mingail


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