Critical Thinking is Our Foundation for Great Decision-Making

We make good and try to avoid bad decision-making every moment of our lives.

Which stock, stereo golf clubs should we buy? Should we approve that scope change to our project? Are we making the best use of the moments in our lives? And, for which presidential candidate should we vote?

Yet we all get a little rusty at making good decisions. So it’s a good idea to occasionally remind ourselves of how to exercise critical thinking … a foundation to great decision-making.

Critical thinking strives to do the following:

  1. Use our knowledge and intelligence
  2. To productively determine
  3. The optimal decision
  4. Which is objective
  5. Which is justifiable
  6. Which is rational
  7. Facts are best to consider when exercising critical thinking
  8. However, even opinions and beliefs, when they are based on critical thinking, are better if you exercise rational and logical thinking.

Yes, that sounds a little like the character Spock in the original Star Trek series. However, unlike Spock, to be great critical thinkers we do not have to suppress our emotions. We do not have to be cold-hearted machines.

Also, there’s a misconception that high intelligence is the road to critical think success. Nope! Anyone can be a critical thinker by following a few simple rules and steps.

Check out “How to make better decisions”.

The audio is at and

The videos can be purchased here.

 I have an agreement with a publisher who produced these, so I can’t give them away. But, they are very inexpensive. For example the audios are only 99 cents each although for a few pennies more the videos convey the topics much better, for example with onscreen text which appears as I am talking.


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