It’s been a tough climb to your project management position. Or maybe you have just taken over a troubled project.

 How do you establish your authority and inspire respect? What must be done to influence project results and growth and make your stay long and productive?

The Predecessor

To begin the style of your predecessor determines how comfortably you settle in. The greatest challenge falls on the shoulders of a company insider who succeeds a strong predecessor. In this case, imitation by the new manager will seem inadequate, at worst foolish. An outsider who follows such a leader has slightly greater chances at being successful.       

The insider of a weak predecessor should immediately try to win over the supporters of the old regime. The outsider who takes over from such a manager has more favourable chances to start afresh and win a loyal following.            

The Honeymoon

With any management inauguration, a honeymoon period exists. During this time the incumbent is virtually exempt from criticism. For this reason, the new manager should use this time to establish authority and perhaps introduce changes.         

To emerge in a positive light once the honeymoon concludes, the manager should secure an understanding of the organization’s finances. Finding and gaining control of the group’s purse strings should be a priority.

Do the right thing! Pay it forward. Together, let’s make a positive difference.



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