Learn Better Logical Decision-making and You Will be Healthier

The cancer death rate dropped 21 per cent in men and nine per cent in women between 1988 and 2007, according to new data from the Canadian Cancer Society. This is due to better decision-making at many levels.

Fewer Canadians smoke. One of my good friends is intellectually brilliant with a PHD as just one indicator of his capacities. He finally quite this year after fighting his addition by facing the medical statistics and the fact that his smoking relatives were being ravaged by lung cancers. For 2012, lung cancer is the predicted to be biggest cancer killer, with 20,100 deaths

Colorectal cancer, with 9,200 deaths, is next. That’s because patients and their doctors are making batter decisions about proactive cancer screening tests.

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD_AJU8ZYjo  for a free and easy to understand 7 minute video about the essentials of decision-making.

Do the right thing! Pay it forward. Together, let’s make a positive difference.


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